How to knit The Ravisher … Part II

by Knitsmith Linda on January 30, 2012


Cast on 72 (108, 144) sts

Row 1    Knit, slip last stitch without knitting

Row 2    Purl, slip last stitch without knitting

Row 3    K2 tog 3 times, *YO K1 6 times, K2 tog 6 times, repeat from * 3 (5, 7) times, YO K1 6 times, K2 tog 3 times

Row 4    Purl, slip last stitch without knitting


Repeat Row 1-4, 4 times (total 16 rows from start)

Row 17 Knit, slip last stitch without knitting

Row 18 Purl, slip last stitch without knitting

Cast off



K2 Tog – Insert needle into next 2 stitches (instead of 1), draw yarn through both and slip off needle – you now have one stitch and have decreased

YO – Before knitting the next stitch, wind the yarn around the right-hand needle once, from back to front counter-clockwise. When you finish the row and turn to go back over the row with the YO, the wound yarn is knitted into and becomes a “proper” stitch (and we all want to be “proper”) – YO increases your stitches

Why slip the last stitch of every plain row? From experience, this gives a nice “tight” finished edge to your piece. This is a great tip for if you’re just knitting a simple scarf – the edges will be nice and even.



With the tapestry needle, sew in loose ends



Cut 30 strands by 32cm/13”

HINT – We usually wrap our strands around a book, then just cut quickly along one side – your strands will be more or less the same length – see photo

Use 3 strands to make one tassel of the fringe, and there are 5 tassels on each side of the shawl ends – space them evenly

Fold the strands in half and with the crochet hook, draw the middle of the strands through the end of the shawl

Next, draw the strand ends through the loop you just made, and pull tight to secure the tassel – repeat 9 more times for 5 tassels on each side (see below)

Give your tassels a “tszuj”, arrange them as you like (we liked them all hanging straight down)

At the top of your Ravisher where the two ends meet, attach your brooch or ornament

We attached a sweet little brass coach light

If you prefer, attach a button or two so you can button the Ravisher across the front, for a more secure fit


All done – you are ready to call up the steam-powered barouche for a night in the bright lights!

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